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10 May 2007 @ 04:37 pm

Welcome to Evoot's selling journal.  The place for all this selling and trading wise. Over the upcoming I will be updating and adding more goodies so do check up :)


1. First come, first serve basis only, then in order of dibs. Any 'sweet-talking e-mails' will be ignored.

2. I currently accept all methods of payment incuding paypal.

3. Arguing/squabbling with NOT be tolerated.

4. Sometimes trades will be accepted as part or full payment but must be of my wants criteria please.

5. Items will be sent out on receiving on payment in which I will e-mail contact you once I have received this. I also ask of all buyers to e-mail me that they received there items/did not so I can chase up RM.

6. Please e-mail be at zombiemooo@hotmail.co.uk for any queries about anything and I wil be happy to help :D

10 September 2013 @ 06:22 pm
i will trade/part trade items for the following:-

  1. Black/blue/silver certain cyberdog items

  2. Latex sheeting/cutoffs and glues

  3. Latex clothing

  4. Fetish clothing

  5. Harnessy items.

  6. Anime figures

  7. Mangas and anime dvds

  8. Kimono fabric. Ideally uncut bolts although will accept cutoffs for other projects.

  9. Fabric reminants/pieces.

  10. Authentic japanese clothing - kimonos, haoris, kimono accessories, obis, hakamas etc

  11. Ear tunnels plugs ABOVE 20mm

  12. Chococat, nyanpire merchandise

  13. Ukiyo-e books and prints

  14. Kawaii plushes and attire.. show me what you have :)

10 September 2013 @ 06:22 pm
Please post all selling feedback here by commenting this entry.

This entry will be edited more upon receving of feedback very soon.
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